Are Crested Geckos Easy to Take Care of?

Yes, Crested Geckos are pretty easy to look after, especially when compared to other types of reptiles.

They’re very calm and good for kids or people who are new to owning lizards.

Usually, they don’t need as large of a tank as some other lizards, and they’re fine with regular room temperatures, so you don’t need special lamps or bulbs.

You can feed them ready-made food or give them some insects every now and then as a treat.

However, they still require commitment and some upkeep:

  • Humidity and Temperature: You’ll need to maintain specific humidity and temperature levels in their enclosure, which means misting regularly and monitoring with a thermometer/hygrometer.
  • Cleaning: You’ll have to spot-clean their enclosure daily and perform a deeper clean on a regular basis.
  • Lifespan: Crested geckos can live for 15-20 years, so they’re a long-term commitment.

But keep in mind, they usually don’t like to be held!

They might try to jump away or lose their tails if you handle them roughly or startle them suddenly!

Unlike some other geckos, they won’t grow their tails back.

Just do your research to make sure you understand their needs before bringing one home.

Hope this helps…

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