Why LG TV keep asking me to switch the input?

This problem basically happens if the TV detects that a device is connected to it and some of the features in your TV settings are enabled. Here’s a breakdown: Is HDMI-CEC Turned on? Most modern LG TVs have a feature called HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). It allows devices to control each other. While handy, it … Read more

RPX vs IMAX: What to Choose?

RPX and IMAX are both premium movie formats that offer an enhanced viewing experience. RPX is Regal Cinemas’ premium format, which stands for “Regal Premium Experience”. Here’s a breakdown: RPX: The Comfortable Upgrade IMAX: The “Woah!” Experience Which Should You Choose? If you’re looking to relax and unwind in a luxurious theater setting, RPX is … Read more

Why Are Pictures and Text Blurry on My LG TV?

Most of the time, this happens either due to a slow internet connection or a picture settings issue. If you are streaming a movie or series and suddenly the problem occurs, then the issue is most likely due to lower resolution caused by slow internet. But if the internet connection is fast enough and the … Read more

Why Did My LG TV’s Picture Suddenly Fade Out?

There is no exact reason for this. It happens for a variety of reasons and the cause varies depending on how much the screen fades out. Most of the time, if the picture fades out suddenly, without any input changes or settings changes, then the reasons are: Backlight or T-Con Board Problems. Panel failure. If … Read more

Why Do My LG Channels Disappear from Live TV?

This issue is kinda like rare, but it happens most of the time! If LG Channels suddenly disappear from Live TV, the most probable reason is that the channel has either been deleted or the frequency has changed. Here are some potential reasons: To resolve this issue, first, run your LG TV’s built-in channel scan … Read more

Can I use my LG TV without entering a postcode?

Whether you can use your LG TV without entering a postcode depends on a few factors like: Older models might not require postcodes at all. Newer models, especially those in regions with location-based features like Freesat in the UK, might ask for the postcode during setup. But if you’ve already set up your TV and … Read more

Why won’t my LG TV accept my postcode?

This problem often occurs when you pick the wrong place in your settings, type in the wrong ZIP code, or if your TV has a weak internet connection. First look at your TV’s location settings: Make sure your postcode is entered in the correct format for your region. For example, in the UK, it should … Read more

Why can’t I enable VRR on my Hisense TV?

Not all Hisense TVs support VRR, and even those that do may require some settings to be changed. So, before you jump, make sure your TV model supports VRR. If your TV supports it, but you can’t enable it, do the following things: That’s it… If the above methods don’t solve the issue, there is … Read more

How to Check If My TV Was Used as a Store Display

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to confirm if your TV was used as a store display and for how long. Here’s why: 1) Limited information available Stores don’t usually track the exact usage hours of display TVs. Even accessing service menus (which may show total hours) isn’t foolproof, because anyone can easily reset this info. … Read more