Can Female Crested Geckos Reproduce Baby without a male?

Usually, no, female crested geckos can’t have babies without a male.

Crested geckos require sexual reproduction, meaning an egg needs to be fertilized by sperm from a male for a baby gecko to develop.

Females can lay eggs even without a male present, but these eggs will be unfertilized and won’t hatch.

However, there have been extremely rare reports of crested geckos reproducing through a process called parthenogenesis.

This is a form of asexual reproduction where an egg develops and hatches without fertilization.

The baby gecko ends up being just like its mom, genetically.

Remember that parthenogenesis in crested geckos is considered an anomaly and not a regular method of reproduction for the species.

Most baby crested geckos come from eggs that are fertilized by males.

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