Can I give chopped-up Dubia roaches to my baby gecko?

No, don’t do that!

I strongly advise against cutting Dubia roaches and feeding them to your baby gecko.

Here’s why:

1) Not necessary

Baby geckos are perfectly capable of eating whole Dubia roaches of an appropriate size.

Their jaws and digestive systems are designed to handle them this way.

So when you cut the roaches, it can actually make them more difficult to digest and potentially harm your gecko.

2) Nutritional Deficiencies

Roaches, like many insects, have digestive enzymes in their heads and guts that help break down their food.

Removing these organs means your gecko may lack essential enzymes to properly digest the roach, which may lead to incomplete nutrient absorption.

So, since they can eat them whole, why not give them that way?

Just make sure the roaches aren’t bigger than the space between your gecko’s eyes to avoid any choking risks. If you stick to that, you should be good to go!

Hope it makes sense…

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