Can My Crested Gecko Eat Moth?

Yes, your crested gecko can definitely enjoy moths as an occasional treat!

But there are something you might want to consider:

Is it from a safe source?

This is a very important question!

If it’s a moth you caught yourself, ensure it hasn’t been exposed to pesticides or chemicals.

You can sometimes find feeder moths at pet stores or raise them yourself.

However, if you love to catch moths yourself for your little guy, make sure to avoid brightly colored moths.

Because they might be toxic.


Moths are higher in fat than their regular diet.

So it should be a treat, not a staple!

Too much can lead to an unbalanced diet.

Offer them as occasional treats, not as a primary food source, and while giving, make sure the moth is smaller than the space between your gecko’s eyes

But how to feed moths?

  1. Release the moth into your gecko’s enclosure at night (their active time).
  2. Observe to make sure your gecko catches and eats the moth.

If the moth remains uneaten in the morning, remove it.

Hope this helps…

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