Can Siri control HDMI input on my TV using a smart plug?

To answer your question, it depends on the type of TV and smart plug you have.

Some TVs have HomeKit integration, which allows you to control them with Siri commands, including changing the HDMI input.

However, some TVs may not support this feature, or may have issues with Wi-Fi connectivity.

If your TV does not have HomeKit integration, you may still be able to use Siri to change the HDMI input if you have an Apple TV connected to it.

The Siri Remote can automatically switch to the correct HDMI input that Apple TV is connected to.

You can also use Siri Shortcuts to create custom phrases for different inputs.

A smart plug by itself cannot control the HDMI input on your TV, unless you use a device like a Broadlink RM Mini that can learn and send IR commands to your TV.

However, this may require some technical skills and additional software to set up.

Hope this helps…

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