Can you wake Crested Gecko during the day?

Yes, you can wake your crested gecko during the day, but it cannot be frequent.

Maybe once every few days?

They are nocturnal creatures, meaning they’re naturally active at night and sleep during the day.

So when you wake them up in the day, it can mess with their natural sleep cycle and lead to stress and health problems.

Here’s actually why you shouldn’t do that:

  • Disrupts their sleep cycle: Just like us, geckos need their sleep to stay healthy. Frequent interruptions can lead to stress, reduced appetite, and weakening of their immune system.
  • May interfere with feeding: Crested geckos typically find and consume their food at night. Waking them up during the day might interfere with their natural feeding instincts and appetite.

Remember, respecting your gecko’s natural sleep cycle is essential for their well-being.

Just enjoy observing them at night and avoid disturbing their precious slumber during the day.

Hope this makes sense!

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