Do I need to feed my Crested Geckos Crickets?

No, you don’t have to give crickets to your Crested Geckos all the time.

Crickets can be a part of their diet, but they’re not a must-have.

You should only give crickets a couple of times each week, and make sure they’re the right size for your gecko.

In general, adult crested geckos can eat crickets of a size up to 2/3 inch, while hatchlings and juveniles will eat much smaller crickets.

If you decide to give crickets, keep these things in mind:

  • Gut-loading: Feed crickets nutritious food before offering them to your gecko. This boosts their nutritional value.
  • Parasites: Source crickets from reliable suppliers to avoid potential parasites.
  • Overfeeding: Don’t give too many crickets. A few times a week is enough, or your gecko could get too fat.
  • Escapees: If any crickets escape, remove them from the tank so they don’t bother your gecko.

You don’t really need crickets if you’re already giving your gecko a good diet from the pet store.

But, if you want to, crickets can be a nice treat for your pet.

Hope this helps…

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