How Long Will It Take My Crested Gecko to Start Eating?

The time it takes for a crested gecko to start eating can vary.

Some geckos will eat right away, but others might take a few days or even up to a week or more.

Young geckos usually need to eat more often than adults, so they might start eating sooner in a new environment.

  • Immediate: Some geckos start eating as soon as they’re introduced to their new home or if they were eating regularly before.
  • Within a Few Days (3–7 days): Most healthy geckos start eating within this timeframe.
  • Up to One Week: Sometimes it might take a gecko up to one week to start eating normally again.

Remember, each gecko is unique.

Some may dive into their meals right away, while others take their time.

With a little time and effort, you should be able to get your crested gecko eating again.

When to Worry?

If a crested gecko has gone longer than one week without eating, it could indicate an issue.

In this case, immediately consult a reptile veterinarian in your area!

Hope this makes sense!

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