How To Care for Crested Gecko Eggs? (A Simple Guide)

So, your crested gecko has laid some eggs and now you’re not sure what to do!


First things first, you need to check if the eggs are fertile.

Are they?

  • Yes
  • No

If the eggs are fertile, you’ll need to follow the incubation process to hatch a baby crested gecko. But if the eggs aren’t fertile, you’ll need to dispose of them properly.

Here are two guides on how to check for fertility and dispose of infertile eggs:

If the test shows that the eggs are fertile, you’ll need to set up an incubator.


Nope, you don’t need anything fancy.

A small, clean plastic container with a lid, like those used for storing food, will do just fine.

Just make sure it’s secure so the little hatchlings can’t get out.

Make a few small holes in the lid for air to get in. But make sure they’re small enough so the baby geckos can’t escape through them.

Then, put some moist incubation material at the bottom of the container to keep the humidity right for the eggs.

You can use a paper towel, Sphagnum moss, or even Vermiculite for this, but Sphagnum moss tends to work best!

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Hope this helps…

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