(Fixed) Hisense TV Temperature Warning!

At one point in every OS-operated device, whether it’s a TV, mobile, or even another computer, a common temperature warning error may occur.

Most of the time, the solution is pretty simple.

Simply disconnect the TV from the power outlet and wait until the TV’s hardware cools down.

However, here are 3 things you have to do:

  1. Turn off the power: Immediately turn off the power to your TV to allow it to cool down. Experts recommend waiting at least 20 minutes before turning it back on.
  2. Check for overheating causes: Ensure that the brightness is at a reasonable level, no vents are blocked, the TV is not near any heat sources, and there is sufficient airflow.
  3. Check for recalls: Some Hisense TV models are known to overheat, so your model could be one of them. Look for any recalls related to your specific model.

If you continue to experience the same issues with your Hisense TV, you can try updating the TV’s firmware and then performing a factory reset.

Also, close the background app, clear the cache, and uninstall all the unnecessary apps from the TV.

If nothing works, the powerboard is faulty and you need to replace it.

Hope this helps…

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