How to stop automated Bluetooth pairing requests on TV?

There are a few possible ways to stop or prevent this from happening, depending on the type and model of your TV.

Some of the most effective methods are:

1) Disable Bluetooth discovery mode

This only needs to be on when you want to pair, but is usually enabled by default on TVs for remote pairing purposes.

So when you disable the feature, it will prevent other devices from finding and requesting to pair with your TV.

You can usually do this from the TV settings menu, under Bluetooth or Wireless options.

Or, you can try using an app like Bluetooth Discovery to disable Bluetooth discovery mode completely on your Android TV.

2) Rename your TV to something less obvious or more unique

This will make it harder for other devices to identify and target your TV.

You can also use a name that discourages pairing attempts, such as “Do Not Pair” or “F*ck Off” (although this might not be very polite) 😅.

3) Remove unknown devices

Remove or forget unwanted devices from your TV’s Bluetooth list.

This will prevent previously paired or attempted devices from reconnecting or requesting to pair with your TV.

You can do this from the TV settings menu, under Bluetooth or Wireless options.

Or simply press and hold the Option key (or Alt), and then click the Bluetooth icon in the top bar to see the option to remove devices on some TVs.

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