How To Turn Off LG TV Notification (3 Methods)

Smart TVs these days bombard us with ads, even though we’ve already paid a pretty penny for them.

You subscribe to streaming services to avoid ads, but TV manufacturers still find ways to make money through targeted advertisements.

Here’s why you might be getting those pesky notifications and ads on your LG TV:

  1. System-related events: Notifications on webOS TV are reserved for system-related events, and there are two types of notifications: toasts and alerts. Toasts are used to inform users without requiring action, while alerts are reserved for critical system events that require immediate action.
  2. Advertisements: Some TV apps display ads during the content, which could be the reason for the notifications you’re experiencing.
  3. App settings: Some apps even have settings that allow notifications or ads to be displayed on your TV screen without your permission.

How to Disable Ads and Notifications on LG TV?

Dealing with notifications on your LG TV can be a bit bothersome, but there are simple ways to minimize them.

Most notifications are infrequent, and you can manage them easily, except for the “trending now” movies on the home screen.

Here’s how you can get most ads out of your face without blocking servers:

  1. Press the Settings button on your remote.
  2. Navigate to All Settings > General > System > Additional Settings > Home Settings, and uncheckHome Promotion.
  3. In the same menu, go to General > Live Plus and turn the toggle OFF.

Don’t forget to limit ‘Ad Tracking’

From the same menu, press the back button on your remote, go to “Advertisement,” check “Limit Ad Tracking,” and then click “Reset AD ID.”

Bonus Tip: If you’re still experiencing the issue, try changing the location of your TV to another region that does not have these notifications or ads. For this, go to settings > general > location, and choose a different country.

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