Is it normal for a Crested Gecko to Yawn?

While it might look like a yawn, there’s a bit more to it!

This behavior is more typical in Leopard Geckos, but Crested Geckos also do it occasionally!

But is this normal? Or why do they do this?

Well, This is a Normal Behaviour

Here’s why:

  • Adjusting their jaw: Crested geckos sometimes open their mouths wide to reposition their jaws comfortably. This is especially common after eating.
  • Thermoregulation: If your gecko is too warm, it might open its mouth to help cool down.
  • Stretching: Like us, geckos may simply be giving their facial muscles a good stretch!

So, Is it a true yawn?

Not in the same way humans yawn.

Yawning, for us, is often a sign of tiredness or low oxygen levels. Crested geckos don’t yawn for the same reasons.

However, If the wide-open mouth behavior is accompanied by wheezing, labored breathing, or mucus around the nose, it could indicate a respiratory problem.

In this case, immediately consult a reptile veterinarian.

Hope this makes sense!

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