Why does my Crested gecko sleep all day and night?

First off, Crested geckos are night owls!

It’s typical for them to snooze for about 12 hours during the day and wake up briefly for short periods before going back to sleep.

But if your Crested gecko is sleeping a lot and doesn’t seem sick, it might just be feeling lazy.

Things to Check

Think carefully, is this happening suddenly?

If this is a sudden behavior change, it could be a sign of illness.

Lethargy (As mentioned above) is often one of the first symptoms.

Observe for any other changes like lack of appetite, abnormal droppings, changes in weight, or unusual breathing.

  1. Lighting Schedule: Are you providing roughly 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness each day? Disrupted light schedules can mess with their natural rhythm.
  2. Activity: Even though they’re mainly active at night, do they ever move around during the day? It’s normal for them to have short bursts of activity during daylight hours.

If you’re still concerned a visit to a reptile veterinarian is the safest option.

Hope this makes sense!

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