Why is Hisense TV receiving random Bluetooth pairing requests?

Random Bluetooth pairing requests on Hisense smart TVs are a common issue.

This could be due to nearby devices or interference. 

Here are some possible reasons and solutions:

  • Your TV’s Bluetooth is discoverable by other devices, and someone nearby is trying to connect to it by mistake or on purpose. Simply disable Bluetooth Discovery on your TV using an app like Bluetooth Discovery, or rename your TV to something less obvious.
  • Your TV’s software is outdated or corrupted, and it is causing Bluetooth issues. Try to update your TV’s software to the latest version, or reset your TV to factory settings.
  • Your Bluetooth device (such as a speaker, headphone, or keyboard) is paired with other devices, and it is causing interference or confusion. Check and unpair your Bluetooth device from other devices or restart your Bluetooth device.

If none of the methods I discussed above work, flash the TV’s firmware using a newly released firmware version.

Or simply contact Hisense customer care.

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