Why is my Crested gecko not Sleeping?

Geckos, even though they’re mostly active at night, don’t sleep like humans do.

They rest during the day and are more lively at night.

If you’re worried about your gecko’s sleeping habits, try to be specific: Is it sleeping during the day but not at night? Or does it seem like it’s not sleeping at all?

If your gecko is sleeping during the day but not at night, that’s okay!

No need to worry.

But if it’s not sleeping during the day or night, there could be a few reasons:

  1. It might still be adjusting to its new home.
  2. It might not be comfortable with its surroundings.
  3. It might not be getting enough food.
  4. The lighting might not be right.
  5. It could be sick.

First, check the temperature, humidity, and lighting in its enclosure.

Make sure there are 12-14 hours of darkness, and avoid keeping bright lights on at night.

If you notice any worrying symptoms, consult a reptile vet in your area!

Hope this helps!

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