Why is my Crested Gecko Suddenly Skittish?

Crested geckos can become skittish for various reasons, even after being comfortable for a while.

The most common reason behind this is a change in their environment.

This could be anything from a new enclosure to a change in the room’s layout, new decorations, or even a shift in lighting.

Changes in Environment

Have you recently upgraded the gecko’s habitat? If so, it may have caused stress.

Make the transition gradual if you can.

Introduce them to the new enclosure for short periods before a full move. Add familiar accessories from their old enclosure.

Different Location

Even just moving the terrarium to a new spot in the room can be disorienting.

If possible, keep their enclosure in a quiet spot without heavy foot traffic or sudden disturbances.

Also, consider removing the new item or introducing it gradually.

Offer plenty of familiar hiding spots for your gecko to feel secure.

Is he physically fit?

If your gecko is feeling ill or has parasites, this can drastically change their behavior.

Keep an eye out for other concerning symptoms like lethargy, changes in appetite, or visible spots on their skin.

Consult an exotic animal vet if you see signs that something might be wrong.

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