Why LG TV not displaying Clock/Time on the Screen?

That’s a very rare issue!

This could happen for a variety of reasons; but if the clock is turned on in the settings and everything is fine, then the issue is most likely with the system.

Maybe the TV encountered a glitch or the firmware is messed up.

Here’s exactly what you need to do:

Check the settings (This is basic)

Press the Settings button on your LG remote. Then, navigate to General > System > Time & Timer.

Now, make sure the clock function is enabled.

Also, verify that the time zone and date are correct. If necessary, set these manually.

Settings are OK!

Then try power cycling the TV.

  • Simply disconnect the TV from the power outlet.
  • Similarly disconnect all the HDMI, Audio, Video, and even the Antenna cable from the TV.
  • Now wait for at least a few minutes.

That’s it…

Once you are done, put everything back in and check if the problem is solved!

No, the issue is still the same!

Well, this is a firmware-related issue!

  • Did you recently update your TV’s software?
  • Did you recently install any apps on your TV?
  • Is the automatic update option turned on on your TV?

If the issue started after a system or software update, then this might be a bug from the manufacturer and hopefully, they will fix it in the next firmware update.

If you don’t remember when it started, then try factory resetting the TV.

Hope this helps…

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