Will a Baby Crested Gecko Get Lost in an Adult-Sized Tank?

Yes, a baby crested gecko can definitely get lost in an adult-sized tank.

The main reason is tank size!

A baby crested gecko is significantly smaller than an adult, often only a few inches long compared to an adult’s 8-10 inches.

This vast difference in size means the “landscape” of the tank looks very different to them.

What seems like a small space to an adult can feel like a vast and overwhelming expanse to a hatchling.

On the other hand, they are still developing their coordination and ability to navigate at that age.

A large tank with open spaces and tall distances can make it difficult for them to find food, water, and hiding spots, which can then lead to:

  • Stress and fear
  • Anxiety
  • And also some health issues.

So don’t put your little guy in a giant tank.

For hatchlings, a 12″L x 12″W x 12″H tank is appropriate.

As they grow, you can gradually upgrade to a larger enclosure, like an 18″L x 18″W x 24″H tank for juveniles and adults.

Hope this makes sense!

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