Can I Keep My Crested Gecko in a Carrier for a Long Time?

Nope, you can’t leave your crested gecko in a carrier for a long time.

Crested geckos, like other reptiles, require specific environmental conditions to stay healthy and comfortable.

Keeping them in a carrier for extended periods can be bad for them for a few reasons:

  1. Limited space: Carriers are for short trips, not for living in. They don’t give geckos enough room to move around or do natural things like hide or stay warm.
  2. Not enough air: Carriers have holes for air, but they might not be enough for a long time. If the carrier is crowded or dirty, it can get too humid or smelly, which can hurt your gecko’s breathing.

If you have to take your crested gecko somewhere, make sure the carrier is good for the time you’ll be traveling.

It should have enough air and a small dish of water.

But try to move them back to their real home as soon as you can, ideally within a few hours.

For their permanent home, always use a tank that’s the right size and has what they need to be healthy.

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