How do I pick up my baby crested gecko?

Though handling is fun with your beloved pet, you need to make sure you don’t harm him.

Usually, baby crested geckos tend to become very jumpy and they can jump from your hand at any time.

So you have to pick him up very carefully.

Here is the breakdown:

1) Be gentle

Crested geckos have relatively fragile bodies compared to some other reptiles.

Think of your touch as feather-light.

Never attempt to grab them tightly. Instead, let their weight rest in your hands.

Otherwise, it can cause injuries to their bones or internal organs.

2) Use the scooping motion

Geckos are easily startled and can feel threatened if approached from above.

Use a slow and gentle scooping motion with one or both hands. Cup your hand(s) slightly and allow your gecko to walk onto them.

This makes it less scary and helps form a positive association with your hands.

If they seem hesitant, gently nudge them from behind to encourage movement.

3) Support their body

All crested geckos have delicate bones and need full-body support.

This is especially true for babies as their skeletal structure is not fully developed. Their tails are also easily detachable if mishandled.

So, when your gecko walks into your hand(s), distribute their weight evenly.

If they’re crawling between your hands, keep your fingers slightly cupped to support their sides and belly.

Don’t grip their tail, simply let it rest in the palm of your hand.

4) Avoid sudden movements

Any fast, jerky movements will trigger your gecko’s instinct to flee, potentially causing them to jump and injure themselves.

It can also undo any comfort you’ve established and make future handling harder.

So, move slowly and deliberately to avoid startling.

This also helps build trust.

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