Does Astro Gaming MixAMP Pro TR work with both Xbox and PS5?

Yes, The Astro Gaming MixAMP Pro TR can work with both Xbox and PS5.

However, compatibility may depend on the specific model of the MixAMP Pro TR and may require firmware updates or additional accessories.

Wired sets like the A10, A40, and A40TR will continue to use the 3.5mm port on both the Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

Wireless rigs like the A20, the MixAmp Pro TR, and A50 Wireless will work via USB with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but only the 3rd and 4th generation units of the MixAmp Pro TR will receive an update to work with the Series X.

For a full audio mix on the PS5, you will need to pick up an HDMI adapter from the company’s website for $40.

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