How can I Rehome my Crested gecko?

Before rehoming, check if there’s a way you can manage your current situation.

Can you address the challenges that led to this decision? Remember, crested geckos can live for 15-20 years, so rehoming should be a last resort.

However, if you finally decide to do that:

Find the Right Place

First of all, don’t try to sell online!

Websites like Craigslist aren’t great for finding good homes for pets. They might attract people who aren’t ready to take care of your gecko properly.

So, look for:

  • Reptile rescue groups: Search online for ones near you. You can use this term on Google- “crested gecko rescue near me”. You will find some rescue group lists. Choose one of them and you are good to go!
  • Experienced hobbyists: Online forums like this one on Reddit can be helpful. There are a bunch of other communities too focused on crested geckos where you can ask if anyone’s interested in taking yours.

Visit one of the forums/communities you love, write a selling post with all details, and ask if anyone is interested!

However, thoroughly vet them before giving them your gecko.

Gather Information

Once you find the right place to sell or someone interested in buying, give him information about your gecko’s age, health, behavior, diet, and living conditions.

Be honest about any problems!

Tell about all the health issues, behavior problems, or special needs your gecko might have.

Hope this makes sense!

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