Why is My Crested Gecko Bury Itself in Dirt?

Generally, a little bit of burrowing is normal.

However, if he is doing it excessively or it’s accompanied by other changes in behavior (like not eating), it might be a sign something is wrong.

Here is your crested gecko burying itself in the dirt:

  • He is a female gecko: Even if you don’t have another gecko, an unmated female can still lay infertile eggs. She’ll instinctually look for a place to dig and deposit them.
  • The enclosure environment is very hot and he is trying to thermoregulate in the cooler substrate.

Or he might be stressed and want to hide from potential threats.

So what should you do?

First, check the humidity!

Aim for 60-80% humidity during the day, and allow it to rise a little at night. Misting regularly and having a good substrate will help in this case.

Then try to provide more cover.

Add various hides, both on the ground and up in the branches. Include plants (live or artificial) for extra coverage.

Also, if your gecko is getting ready to shed, increase misting slightly to assist.

However, If you’ve addressed these factors and he is still burying himself excessively, or if you observe other signs of illness, consult a vet visit immediately.

Hope this makes sense!

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