How Long Do Crested Gecko Eggs Take to Hatch?

Crested gecko eggs typically hatch after 60–90 days, with an average of 70–75 days.

But, the time it takes for the eggs to hatch mostly depends on the temperature.

Here’s the lowdown on crested gecko egg incubation:

Incubation Time

  • Typical Range: 60-90 days is the general timeframe.
  • Average: 70-75 days is the most common hatch time.
  • Cooler = Slower: Eggs kept at cooler temperatures (low 70s°F) might take up to 120 days.

However, keep in mind that, some geckos may have naturally faster or slower development.

While you Wait,

Be patient!

This is the hardest part! Avoid disturbing the eggs too much.

Also, monitor the temperature.

Make sure your incubator temperature is stable and within the safe range (mid to upper 70s°F)

Keep the incubation medium moist but not soggy.

Important Note: Don’t fret if they don’t hatch on an exact calculated day. A little variation is perfectly normal.

Hope this makes sense!

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