Why did my Crested Gecko Egg Die?

This is the WORST part about breeding a crested gecko!

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why a crested gecko egg might not develop or die before hatching.

The most common reason is infertility!

However, here are some other possible reasons:

  • Infertility: Not all eggs laid are fertile, even if the gecko has mated.
  • Improper Incubation: Crested gecko eggs have specific temperature and humidity requirements for successful development. If the incubation environment is too hot, cold, dry, or wet, it can harm the embryo.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: If the female gecko wasn’t getting enough calcium or other nutrients before laying eggs, it could affect the viability of the eggs.
  • Genetics: Sometimes, genetic defects can lead to developmental problems in the embryo.

On the other hand, Physical Damage also comes into play in this case!

If the egg was dropped, mishandled, or turned over frequently, it could damage the developing gecko.

Hope this makes sense!

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