Why Does My Crested Gecko Pee on Me?

Well, first off, most geckos, including crested geckos, can’t be trained to use a potty like a dog or a cat.

So, when you hold them, there’s a good chance they might pee on you.

But why does this happen?

They might be feeling nervous, excited, or upset.

Stress is a big one.

Geckos, like many other reptiles, can’t hold their pee when they’re stressed.

So if you handle them too much, for too long, or not in the right way, they might let it out.

Additionally, crested geckos sometimes mark their territory with scent.

If they think you’re an intruder, they might pee on you, especially if you have other pets around.

So, what to do?

Give them some time!

If your gecko is new, let them settle in before you start handling them.

Start with short sessions and slowly increase the time as they feel more comfortable.

After that, pay attention to handling!

Make sure you hold your gecko properly, supporting their whole body. Avoid grabbing them by the tail or making sudden moves.

Hope this makes sense!

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