How often do adult Crested Geckos poop?

The frequency of how often adult crested geckos poop can vary depending on several factors, including:


  • Frequency: Adults are typically fed 2-3 times a week, so you can expect pooping to occur roughly that often, although it might not be every single day.
  • Type of food: Insects tend to pass through the digestive system faster than fruit-based diets, so you might see poop more frequently after insect meals.

Age and Health:

  • Younger geckos: Juveniles generally eat and poop more frequently than adults.
  • Health: A healthy gecko should have regular bowel movements. Dehydration, parasites, or other health issues can disrupt this.


  • Temperature: Cooler temperatures slow down digestion, so pooping might be less frequent.
  • Humidity: Low humidity can lead to dehydration, which can affect bowel movements.

So, how often?

Keeping all these factors in mind, a healthy adult crested gecko might poop every 1-2 days, possibly up to 3-4 days if conditions are cooler or drier.

But, juveniles may poop more frequently, up to several times a day, but as they grow, the frequency decreases.

Hope this helps…

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