Are Crested Geckos Poisonous

No, crested geckos are not poisonous to humans or other animals. They are completely harmless in that regard.

There are many myths and misconceptions circulating about geckos being venomous, but this is not true for most species, including crested geckos.

They lack the glands and mechanisms needed to produce and deliver venom.

While they do have small teeth, these are primarily used for gripping prey, not for biting humans.

In fact, crested geckos are generally very docile and friendly creatures.

However, keep the following in mind:

  • While not poisonous, it’s still important to wash your hands after handling any reptile, including crested geckos, as they can carry bacteria like Salmonella.
  • While they are not venomous, crested geckos can emit a mild-smelling musk if they feel threatened, but this is not harmful to humans.

Hope this makes sense!

If you are considering getting a crested gecko as a pet, you can rest assured knowing that they are safe and friendly animals.

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