Is It Okay If I Don’t Handle My Crested Gecko?

No, it’s not necessarily bad if you don’t want to handle your crested gecko.

Crested geckos are generally not upset if they are not handled, and they don’t require regular handling for their well-being.

As long as their habitat and care are adequate, they can be happy as “look-only” pets.

Handling can be more for the owner’s enjoyment, and many cresties are fine with minimal handling.

But what would happen if you avoid handling him?

  • Missed Health Checks: Regular handling gives you a chance to check your gecko for any injuries or health issues. If you rarely handle them, you might miss these signs.
  • Decreased Trust: A little interaction can help your gecko get used to you. If you never handle them, they might not feel as comfortable around you when you need to clean their tank or take them to the vet.
  • Less Observation: You might miss out on their entertaining natural behaviors and quirks if you’re not interacting with your gecko at all.

Hope this makes sense!

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