How to Disable Live TV Input on an LG TV

There are different ways to exit or disable the live TV input on an LG TV, depending on your preferences and needs.

Here are some possible methods:

Method 1: Switching to a different input source

If you want to use another device connected to your LG TV, such as a DVD player, a gaming console, or a streaming device, you can switch to the corresponding input source using the remote control.

Press the Input button on the remote and select the desired input from the list.

You can also rename or remove the inputs you don’t use.

Method 2: Disabling live TV in settings

If you prefer to disable live TV temporarily, you can do so by accessing the settings menu on your LG TV.

Navigate to the settings option using the remote control and look for the Live TV or Live TV Mode option.

Turn it off and you will be able to explore other features and apps without being interrupted by live broadcasts.

Method 3: Changing the default home screen

If you want to change the default home screen of your LG TV to something other than live TV, you can do so by adjusting the home settings.

Go to the settings menu, then select General, then System, then Additional Settings, then Home Settings.

Here you can choose what you want to see when you turn on your TV, such as the home menu, the last input, or a specific app.

I hope this helps…

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