How to tell if my Crested Gecko is ready to breed?

Before I tell you the sign, I want to ask you a question!

Is your gecko healthy?

Both male and female geckos should be in excellent health and free of parasites or diseases before breeding.

So make sure to do this first!

However, if you see your little guy is healthy enough, look for the signs of sexual maturity:

  • Age: While they may reach sexual maturity around 9 months old, it’s generally recommended to wait until they’re at least 18 months old and fully grown (around 1-2 years) to ensure their bodies are developed enough for breeding.
  • Weight: Females should ideally weigh at least 40 grams with a tail, and 45 grams without before breeding. Males typically mature slightly earlier and weigh around 30 grams.
  • Physical signs: Males have visible hemipenal bulges near their vent. Females might exhibit increased vocalization or restlessness during the breeding season.

Besides those, you’ll also notice some changes in how they behave!

Grown-up crested geckos usually go through a breeding cycle that lasts about eight to nine months, starting around springtime. When they’re trying to mate, you might see them making soft chirping sounds and nodding their heads.

Hope this helps…

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