Can I put a Crested Gecko and a bearded dragon in the same tank?

Absolutely not.

It is highly dangerous and detrimental to keep a crested gecko and a bearded dragon in the same tank for several reasons:

  • Habitat: Crested geckos are arboreal (tree-dwelling) and thrive in humid, cool environments. Bearded dragons are terrestrial (ground-dwelling) and require warm, dry temperatures. It’s impossible to create a single environment that caters to both their needs.
  • Diet: Crested geckos primarily eat insects and fruit, while bearded dragons are omnivores consuming insects, vegetables, and fruits. Feeding them together could lead to competition and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Size: Bearded dragons are significantly larger than crested geckos. This size difference could lead to the bearded dragon viewing the gecko as prey, causing stress, injury, or even death to the gecko.

So never, ever do this!

However, if you still want to keep both of these reptiles as pets, you will need to provide them with separate enclosures that suit their individual requirements. 

Crested geckos need a vertical, humid, and “room temperature” terrarium, while bearded dragons need a horizontal, dry, and hot terrarium.

Hope this helps…

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