I took something that wasn’t mine, and I’m still feeling remorseful about it.

Note: Yvette Sidon from Philiphine sent us this story. We changed the writing style a bit and then shared it here.

TikTok, truth or dare – those were the driving forces in 2021, maybe 2022. Back then, being cool, going viral, that was everything.

My friends grinned, their eyes full of that daredevil light that pushed boundaries. “Dare,” I said, a stupid smirk trying to hide my nerves.

Of course, they chose the worst possible dare…Steal something.

We decided to target a cool Japanese store full of colorful anime stuff. The shelves were packed with tempting goodies.

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I spotted a figure that seemed to call out to me, so I snatched it and hid it in my pocket.

Suddenly, the alarm went off, and a guard came running after us.

I ran.

Ran like I’d never run before, heart thundering against ribs that threatened to shatter.

I escaped, clutching my prize that felt more like searing coal. I wasn’t a thief, or at least, I didn’t think I was.

Months later, drawn by a morbid fascination, I returned. They’d encased the display in glass – my handiwork. And there, a replacement figure gleamed under the lights. Shame turned my stomach.

I fled, clutching a hastily bought trinket like a talisman. I never went back.

And now, the figure taunts me.

A symbol of what I did and what I nearly became. It’s not the worth of the object – I could replace it a hundred times over.

I know I should return it, confess.

But what if I get in trouble? What if they don’t believe my remorse is real? The fear of consequences cripples me.

Sometimes I imagine mailing it back, anonymously. Maybe I’d include a note, an explanation.

Or maybe I could donate its worth to a charity, a way to balance the scales. Still, the figure remains, accusing.

I don’t know when, or even if, I’ll find the courage to make things right.

But the guilt of it…that weight will stay with me until I do.

Any suggestion, please?

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What Walihub Says:

The first step is recognizing that what you did was wrong!

You mentioned feeling remorse and guilt, which is perfectly normal. Take time to reflect on why you stole and why you continue to feel bad about it.

This self-awareness is key to preventing similar actions in the future.

After that, consider making amends:

  • Anonymously Return/Replace: Since the store has changed and you may not remember specific details, try replacing the figure without causing confusion. Order the item online (make sure to pay!) and mail it to the store with a note explaining that it was taken and expressing sincere remorse.
  • Donate the Value: If directly returning is impossible, donate the cost of the figure, or even more, to a charity or organization demonstrating values you believe in. This can help offset the wrong done.

Lastly, be kind to yourself!

The most difficult part might be forgiving yourself.

Remember, mistakes happen, and the fact that you feel guilty shows you’ve learned.

Use this experience to make amends where possible, forgive yourself, and become a wiser, more empathetic person as a result.

Hope this helps…

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