Is Plex no longer supported on older Hisense TVs?

Yes, Plex no longer works on some older Hisense TVs.

As of September 30th, some older smart TVs, including many Hisense models, are no longer able to use secure connections to communicate with Plex Media Servers.

Even if these TVs still have an old Plex app, it won’t get updates and might not work with new features or server releases.

It could eventually stop working in the future.

The main reason for this lack of support is the security certificates on these old smart TVs expiring.

This means they can’t establish secure connections with the Plex server.

Plex suggests using a modern Plex app on supported platforms like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, or game consoles instead.

If your server is on the same network as the TV, there shouldn’t be any problems.

But if it’s remote, you’ll need to adjust Plex settings on your TV to allow insecure connections.

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