Is there a way to make my TV automatically switch back to the cable box after streaming

To make your TV automatically switch to the cable box after streaming, you need to enable a feature called HDMI-CEC or Consumer Electronic Control on your TV and your cable box.

This feature allows connected HDMI devices to communicate with your TV and switch the input source when they are turned on or off.

The steps to enable HDMI-CEC may vary depending on the brand and model of your TV and cable box.

You can usually find this option in the settings menu under the name of Simplink, Anynet, Viera Link, Bravia Link, or something similar.

You may also need to adjust the Auto-detect HDMI or Auto Input Switching option on your TV.

If your TV or cable box does not support HDMI-CEC, you may not be able to use this feature.

In that case, you may need to use a universal remote that can control both devices, or use a software tool that can switch the display feed based on triggers or events.

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