My Crested Gecko Escaped! (Tips to Find Him)

Oh, no!

Losing a pet is always stressful, but don’t despair.

Crested geckos, while nimble, often stay close to their escape point. (That’s the plus point and helps you find him)

Important Note: While you’re conducting your search, make sure any other pets (like dogs and cats) are kept away from the area for the safety of your gecko.

Let’s start…

1) Act Quickly

Immediately close any doors and seal off rooms where possible. 

Check under furniture and along baseboards in the room where the gecko escaped.

They love warm, humid, dark places. 

So, check inside shoes, plant pots, behind appliances, under cabinets, and inside any clutter.

2) Search Strategically

Crested geckos are nocturnal!

So, turn off the lights, wait an hour or two for it to get dark, and listen for rustling or movement. 

Another trick is to sprinkle a little flour around places where they might hide, especially close to walls.

If the gecko moves, you’ll see its footprints in the flour.

You can also try putting out a warm heating pad or a shallow bowl of warm water near where you think the gecko might be.

The heat and moisture will attract it out of hiding.

3) Set Up Traps (Humane, of course)

  • Food Baits: Leave small dishes of fruit puree or crested gecko diet in strategic places around the room. Monitor these closely.
  • Humid Hides: Create DIY hides with damp paper towels inside overturned plastic containers or small boxes cut with entry holes. 

Place these near where you last saw the gecko or in usual hiding spots. 

Check them regularly.

4) Expand Your Search

Crested geckos are great climbers. Look on curtains, bookshelves, and even behind wall hangings.

Don’t forget to check under appliances, in vents, and even in shoes.

And, let everyone know your gecko is missing and to proceed with caution when opening doors or moving things.

Don’t give up!

Crested geckos are hardy and have been found even weeks after escaping.

So, be patient and persistent!

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