Why is my Crested Gecko curling up his Toes?

Normally, crested gecko curls their toes upward to detach from a surface.

They do this mainly to move faster and with less resistance when they’re not climbing.

Why do they do this?

They do this because it helps them escape from predators quickly in the wild, especially when combined with their sticky toes.

So, it’s normal!

It doesn’t look normal…

Well, then it might be due to Metabolic Bone Disease (MDB) or Injury

MBD is caused by calcium deficiency. It leads to weakness, skeletal deformities, and toe curling.

First, make sure your gecko is receiving sufficient calcium and vitamin D3 supplementation and has access to UVB lighting.

But, if you think it’s due to injury or the curling isn’t looking normal, consult a vet immediately.

Hope this helps…

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