My TV is connecting to Internet without my permission

It’s definitely concerning that your TV is connecting to the internet without your knowledge.

Here are some possible explanations for this:

  • Automatic updates: Smart TVs often download and install software updates automatically. Check your TV’s settings to see if automatic updates are enabled and, if so, if you can specify when they should occur. Ideally, set updates to happen only when you’re present and can monitor the process.
  • Pre-configured connection: When you first set up your TV, it might have stored the Wi-Fi credentials of a nearby network without you noticing. This could be a neighbor’s network or a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Check your TV’s network settings to see which networks it remembers and remove any you don’t recognize.
  • Malware: While less likely, your TV may have been infected with malware that could be causing it to connect to the internet for malicious purposes. This is more common on older TVs with outdated software.
Some even say, that if your TV is connected to streaming devices like Roku or Firestick, it can transfer network connection to the TV.

But it totally wrong!

A standard HDMI cable cannot directly share an internet connection between devices. HDMI cables are primarily designed for transmitting audio and video signals, not network data.

Hope it helps…

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