What does backlight do on a TV?

Backlight is the light source that is situated directly behind the LCD panel of most TVs.

It’s what makes the screen glow, what gives bright colors their vibrancy, and what gives dark shadows their depth.

However, there are a few types of backlighting technologies in TVs:

  1. Edge-lit: These TVs have LEDs along the top and bottom edges or around the frame to light up the LCD panel.
  2. Full-array: In this type, the LEDs are arranged on the back of the TV, facing you. This gives better control over the light, making the lighting more accurate and even.
  3. Mini-LED: This is a newer technology that uses smaller but more powerful LEDs for better control over light and improved picture quality.

Backlight works together with the brightness and contrast controls to make sure the picture looks best in different lighting.

For example, in a dark room, you might set the backlight lower to avoid straining your eyes, while in a bright room, you’d set it higher to keep the picture quality.

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