What Exactly Are We Doing? (Our Goal)

We’re living in a time of advanced technology, where things are changing every day.

A few years back, you could trust information from almost any website. Writers used to research, gather information, and carefully write their articles.

But things have changed!

If you’re into tech or know a bit about AI, you know it can generate articles on any topic easily.

A recent study by “NewsGuard” found that AI is causing a lot of spam on the internet. Some news sites are publishing over 1,200 new articles every day. It’s expected that by 2024, 55% of the internet will be filled with AI-generated spam and misinformation!


“Internet is like a vast ocean. It’s filled with sharks, dolphins, and whales. Where you go and what you encounter is up to you.”–Abdul Kader (CEO of Homespoiler.com)

You Might Be Getting The Wrong Info

Not every online article is AI-generated, but a significant amount is spam.

Information from random websites, apart from trusted sources like Wikipedia, CNET, Washington Post, or Forbes, has a 15% chance of being AI-generated and not fact-checked.

So, don’t blindly trust information from random sources.

When you search online, be careful and choose a reliable source.

What Are We Offering in This Situation?

We’re not like other random publishers on the internet.

We have our own path, goal, and ambition. We’re working to make information safe and trustworthy for everyone.

Our goal is simple: make the internet safe by providing firsthand, fact-checked information in a concise and straightforward way.

Just visit Walihub.com, type what you need in the search bar, and hit enter. You’re ready to explore the answer.

We’re a Non-Profit Organization

Unlike other businesses, we’re a non-profit organization. We don’t display ads or affiliate links on our website.

We rely on donations from our loyal visitors, and it’s entirely up to them whether or not they want to contribute.

We don’t force anyone to donate.

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