What to Do With Infertile Crested Gecko Eggs?

Before you do anything, be completely sure the eggs are infertile.

Sometimes development can be delayed.

While unlikely, there is a small chance that development might not be readily apparent, especially in the early stages.

That’s why, wait a few days (around a week) and then try candling the eggs again to see if there are any signs of development.

Once you’re confident the eggs are infertile:

  1. Discard the eggs: Dispose of them with your regular household waste.
  2. Compost the eggs: If you have a compost bin, you can add the infertile eggs to it. The eggshells can add calcium and other minerals to your compost.
While infertile eggs aren’t harmful if left in the enclosure, they’re prone to mold, which can spread. Removal is best.

Thanks, But why did this happen?

The most common reason for this is –Unmated female!

Females can retain sperm for a time, producing fertile clutches even without a recent pairing.

However, repeated clutches without a male will eventually become infertile.

On the other hand, health Issues also come into play.

Hope this makes sense!

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