What To Do With Unexpected Crested Gecko Eggs?

Congratulations on your unexpected surprise!

Just kidding 🙂

However, if your crested gecko suddenly laid some eggs and you are completely surprised, first Identify if they are fertile!

  • If your gecko has never been housed with a male, the eggs are most likely infertile.
  • Fertile eggs will typically have a slight bulge or indentation in the center, while infertile eggs will be more round.

We have a detailed guideline on identifying fertile crested gecko eggs.

Check out this from this link.

Once you are sure they are firtle, take the eggs out

Gently pick them up and put them in a separate box. Mom geckos don’t care for their babies and might even eat the eggs!

After that, prepare an incubation setup

For this, find a small container with a lid.

Put some damp moss inside, like a sponge you squeezed out.

You’ll also need a way to check the temperature (around 72-78°F) and humidity (around 70-80%).

Note: Setting this up properly takes knowledge and special equipment. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask a vet or an experienced gecko breeder for help.

Now wait patiently!

Crested gecko eggs usually hatch after 60–90 days, with the average being about 70–75 days.

In the winter, when temperatures are cooler, eggs can take as long as 120 days to hatch.

Thanks, but what to do with infertile eggs?

Before you do anything, be completely sure the eggs are infertile.

Sometimes development can be delayed.

However, once you’re confident the eggs are infertile:

  • Dispose of them with your regular household waste.
  • Or if you have a compost bin, you can add the infertile eggs to it.

That’s it!

Hope this makes sense…

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