Crested Gecko Eggs Dented (Why & What To Do)

The main reason eggs of crested geckos get dented is because they don’t have enough moisture- Dehydration.

Also, if the eggs are partly covered or not properly buried, it can cause dents too.

But, there’s no need to panic!

Even if the eggs have dents, they can still hatch just fine.

If the dent is small and you fix the humidity problem, the egg might go back to its normal shape. But if it’s severely dented, it might not fix itself.

WARNING: Don’t try to force the egg back into shape. This can damage the embryo inside.

First of all, increase humidity

Ensure your gecko has access to a lay box with a moist substrate like sphagnum moss, coco fiber, or vermiculite.

Keep the substrate moist, but not soggy.

If your eggs are in an incubator, check the humidity level.

It should be around 75-85%.

If low, either mist the inside of the incubation box or slightly moisten the incubation medium.

Now Monitor Carefully

If the dents fill out within a day or two, it was likely just dehydration.

If possible, gently candle the eggs (shine a light through them) to look for signs of development (veins, movement) which would indicate they may be preparing to hatch.

Remember that Gecko eggs are very fragile, especially in later stages.

So, avoid handling them as much as possible, as moving them can damage the embryo inside.

However, if the dents are severe, you’re unsure about the viability of the eggs, or have any other concerns, consult an experienced crested gecko breeder or reptile veterinarian for guidance.

Hope this helps…

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