Why Are Pictures and Text Blurry on My LG TV?

Most of the time, this happens either due to a slow internet connection or a picture settings issue.

If you are streaming a movie or series and suddenly the problem occurs, then the issue is most likely due to lower resolution caused by slow internet.

But if the internet connection is fast enough and the issue arises after a settings change, then it’s possible that the settings adjustment inadvertently triggered a feature or setting that affects the picture quality.

No, it’s not an internet issue!

Well, then the issue is related to the settings.

Go to All Settings, then Picture, and then Select Mode.

Choose Vivid to make the picture brighter and clearer. You can also adjust the brightness in Advanced Settings.

After that, try disabling the motion smoothing feature labeled as “Trumotion”.

Still no luck! 🙁

Okay, then you might want to look at the Output and TV resolution.

Make sure that the resolution of your input device (cable box, streaming stick, game console, etc.) matches the resolution of your LG TV.

For example, if your TV is 4K, the source should also be outputting in 4K resolution.

On the other hand, if you’re watching lower-resolution content (like Standard Definition) on a higher-resolution TV (like 4K), your TV will try to upscale the image.

This process can sometimes cause blurriness or artifacts.

However, if none of the methods work, then there might be a hardware issue with your TV.

Maybe the hardware like the LED panel, t-con board, or even the mainboard is faulty.

I hope this makes sense!

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Abbusui Halnd
Abbusui Halnd
2 months ago

Oh man, you made this easy