Why Aren’t TV Channels Broadcasting Content in 1080p Resolution?

TV channels can broadcast in 1080p, but most channels still broadcast in 720p or 1080i.

The reason for this is that when HD TV was first becoming popular, the major broadcast networks had to choose between 1080i and 720p because of bandwidth limitations.

NBC and CBS chose 1080i, while ABC and FOX chose 720p. 1080p broadcasting wasn’t yet possible at the time.

Upgrading to 1080p would require the networks to upgrade all of their infrastructure from the production level, the network, to every individual station around the country, which is very expensive.

Additionally, very few TVs even have a tuner that supports 1080p.

Cable companies will probably never broadcast in 1080p because 720p and 1080i are already good enough, and there’s no need to upgrade.


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