Why do Geckos have sticky tongues?

Geckos have sticky tongues because it helps them catch their prey easily, sense their surroundings, and keep themselves clean.

This makes almost every attack a sure win for the gecko.

Here’s some detailed info:

1) Survival Tool

As primarily insect hunters, geckos need a way to quickly snatch up their prey before it runs or flies away.

A sticky tongue acts like a lightning-fast trap!

2) It’s not REALLY stickiness

It might look like glue, but a gecko’s tongue isn’t covered in a sticky substance.

Instead, their tongues have thousands of tiny hair-like structures called setae. Each of these setae splits into even smaller structures at the ends called spatulae.

These create a weak force called Van der Waals force.

While individual forces are tiny, collectively they generate enough stickiness to grab and hold their prey.

On the other hand, their sticky tongues don’t just clean up lunch – geckos also use them to groom their eyes.

Hope this helps…

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