Why Is My Crested Gecko Not Shedding?

Crested geckos shed their skin as a natural process of replacing old and dead skin cells with new ones.

It’s associated with the growth of the gecko, so if your crested gecko is not shedding, it may mean that it is not growing properly.

However, there are still some other reasons…

1) Humidity Issues

  • Too Low: The most common reason for shedding problems is low humidity. Crested geckos need a relatively humid environment (60-80%) to shed properly. If the humidity is too low, the old skin dries out and becomes difficult to remove.
    • Solution: Increase humidity by misting the enclosure more often (twice daily), using a larger water dish, or adding a humid hide (a simple plastic container with damp moss inside). You may want to invest in a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels accurately.
  • Too High: While less common, excessively high humidity can also cause shedding problems and increase the risk of fungal infections.
    • Solution: Ensure the enclosure has adequate ventilation and reduce the frequency of misting if needed.

2) Age and Growth Rate

Babies and juveniles shed very frequently, because this time they grow rapidly.

But once they mature, they shed less often typically every 4-6 weeks.

So, check if your little guy reached this stage!

3) Nutritional Deficiencies

If everything seems fine but your gecko is still having shedding issues, it might be due to not getting enough Calcium or Vitamin D3.

These nutrients are really important for keeping their skin healthy and helping them shed properly.

So, make sure to sprinkle some calcium/D3 supplement on your gecko’s food like it’s instructed.

Also, keep a little dish of pure calcium powder nearby.

And if your gecko doesn’t get enough sunlight, think about getting some UVB lighting for them.

Hope this helps…

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