What Happens When a Crested Gecko Drops from Your Hand?

If a gecko jumps off your hand, it will likely brace itself and be less likely to take damage.

Arboreal geckos are better at this!

However, it depends on the height it fell and the way it landed.

If it shows no signs of injury or favoritism of limbs or movement, it should be okay. But you should monitor it for any symptoms!

Here’s a breakdown:

1) No harm

Due to their arboreal nature, crested geckos have good gliding ability and can absorb impact from relatively low falls (less than 2 feet) thanks to their flexible bodies. 

They may be startled but typically recover quickly.

2) Minor injury

Falls from moderate heights (2-4 feet) could cause bruises, scrapes, or minor internal injuries. 

Signs may include lethargy, loss of appetite, or unusual behavior.

3) Serious injury

Falls from significant heights (over 4 feet) can lead to broken bones, internal bleeding, or organ damage.

These situations require immediate veterinary attention.

Remember, prevention is key.

Always practice safe handling techniques and minimize fall risks, so you can keep your crested gecko safe and healthy.

Hope this helps you…

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